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Data Log 08/03/2011

In January 2011, the head of the UN’s telecommunications agency announced that the number of Internet users worldwide had surpassed two billion. With ¼ of the world’s population browsing the Internet, it is imperative for every business to have an Internet presence. The problem is that the creators of many business websites do not know how to design a site that is search-engine friendly.

We began working on SEO in 1997, just after the Internet began to take off and dozens of start-up search engines were vying for dominance. Web designers used all sorts of tricks to outsmart the search engines to draw traffic to their sites, including invisible text hidden within the home page and multiple gateway pages for the same site. These techniques are considered today as “Black Hat SEO” and highly frowned upon by search engines.

Recognizing that their visitors were irritated and annoyed by useless results, search engine developers constantly altered their formulas to exclude and penalize tricksters and display the web pages visitors really seek. Expert SEO specialists constantly try to decipher these formulas so we could get our clients’ websites toward the top of the results page.

The formulas, or algorithms, used by search engines remain a closely guarded secret and are constantly changing about 500 times per year on average. An army of SEO experts continually experiments with search engines to figure out what brings results. Today, SEO courses are taught at universities and commercial colleges for this ever-changing internet marketing field. Experienced SEO professionals command high salaries because business executives know how valuable search engine optimization is and how much is at stake.

The good news is that the highly refined search engines of today favor websites that are well-designed, developed, and have a clear purpose. Someone who is searching online for your particular product or service is likely to find it – if your website is properly constructed.

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