Multi-Year SSLs No Longer Trusted, Keeping The Web Safer

When you browse the web, odds are you are interacting with a secure site. Not sure if it is? Take a look at the top right corner. If you see a padlock, the site

Does A Website Need To Be ADA Compliant?

When 2020 started, very few people expected the world to change so rapidly. Everything has changed today, from the way we conduct business to how we educate our children. Now, more than ever, we

COVID-19 Website Relief

My team and I are offering FREE website services during the COVID-19 outbreak for businesses in need. PLEASE HELP US SHARE THIS MESSAGE. With the COVID-19 virus here, many businesses and individuals are struggling

15 Powerful Reasons To Start A Web Site

It’s easy to build a Web site. Anyone can do it for little or no money. What is not easy is building a successful business with it. So how do you do it? Start

Why You Need A Web Site

EVERY small or home-based business should consider a website. There are certainly some businesses where a website offers nothing of value but for the vast majority, a website can be a very effective sales channel

What kind of website will you choose?

There are a lot of different kinds of websites – and there are a lot of people who know they want a website, but aren’t even sure why. If you don’t already know, you

GDPR Compliance: Effect On American Websites

“Any technological advance can be dangerous. The fire was dangerous from the start, and so (even more so) was speech – and both are still dangerous to this day – but human beings would

Measuring the ROI of Your AdWords Campaign

What Is ROI? Return on Investment (ROI) plays a major role in figuring out where a business should invest its money. It is used for comparing a business’s profitability or comparing the efficiency of

E-Commerce and Security: What is it and Why is it Important?

Electronic Commerce, also known as e-commerce or simply EC, is a term used to describe any electronic transaction a business conducts online. Not every website needs e-commerce, but if your business is based on

Mobile Responsive Design and Why it’s Important

Optimizing a website to be mobile responsive is extremely necessary to the success of any website. Not only does mobile responsive design make your website easier to navigate on mobile devices but it actually