Client Feedback

My Website Spot was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. They worked very diligently with us to insure we got exactly what we wanted. Adam was very responsive whenever we needed to change or add something. He also has a great mindset for marketing/SEO so we are utilizing him for those services as well. Thank you for all of your help!

Wesley Holland, Paradise Pools By Design

Adam Taylor and his crew are THE BEST in Central Florida. Adam is extremely knowledgable, does all work in a very timely manner and at an incredibly reasonable price. He has saved me and my company on many occasions. I would recommend Adam and My Website Spot unequivocally.

Scott Elias, Random Act Records

Adam Taylor completely revamped our website. From the start Adam was continuously easy to work with and always extremely knowledgeable. Adam always answered all of my calls and answered all of my questions. Adam would listen to the ideas we had and create them on our site. He was also able to suggest improvements to the site that we would never have thought of.

Our website is now user friendly and mobile friendly. In the first month, we saw an increase in call volume. It is clear Adam took the time to understand our industry and business model. We could not be happier with MyWebsiteSpot.com.

Emily Shay, Cameron Group Aging Life Care™ Services

Adam just gets it done. Period. And he does it FAST. Our site was created ahead of schedule, below the estimated budget and with more bells and whistles than we even imagined.

You know the saying (for any business) that you can’t have all three – speed, quality and low price? Adam is the exception to that rule. And he does it all expertly, patiently and happily. He obviously has a passion for making great websites, because, as we were working together on this, he’d sometimes get just as excited about a new feature he added as I was.

This is the second site he’s built for us in as many years, actually. And, if I open another business and I need another site, he’s the man I’m using. Because it’s a no brainer – he’ll make a perfect site quickly without me having to really even think about it. He’s super intuitive and would often answer my questions via email before I even asked. And when I gave him a formatting challenge with embedded YouTube videos, he reconfigured the standard code to work the way I asked. Actually, I’m not exactly sure that’s what he did. He just DID it. I don’t know how he does what he does, and that’s why I use him – the man knows his business. Inside and out. And he’s a total pleasure to work with. We’ve been getting rave reviews on the clarity and layout of our new site and we owe that all to Adam.

Kenny Mikey, Storyology Studios

I highly recommend My Website Spot for designing and creating any website. Adam and his team are professional, knowledgeable, creative and delivers in a timely manner. Adam included me in every step of the way of building my site. Now I have a beautiful website that I love”

Hope Johnson, Organizing All Things

I highly recommend MyWebsiteSpot.com as I had been working with someone else initially that basically was a thief. I contacted Adam and explained what was going on, Adam helped Me by taking over for the man that was trying to cheat me. I cannot thank Adam and his team enough. Thank You,

Rocky Rockwell, Rocky’s Superkleen Dry Cleaners & Laundry

It is cliche to write a testimonial and start out by telling you how great the business/person’s services were. Let me spare you the standard format of testimonial drafting and just begin by telling you about where I was coming from when I needed a website. Not only was my business in need of a website, but I was also seeking a true web-consultant when I came across Adam at My Website Spot. My need for a dynamic combo of meticulous website building skills and visionary internet advisement stems from the fact my business is unique. We need a website that is cutting edge, industry standard in journalism layout, and able to handle mass amounts of rotating media content.

The first thing we got from Adam, was free advice. In fact, looking back the first few conversations (before a proposal was sent) between us was all free advice on what we needed to have our website come alive. I’m going to tell you that I know for a fact these guys worked on creating my site over their forecasted hours at no “surprise” extra charge. The website was built at a more than professional pace, and with an emphasis on details and teaching me along the way. I am now running one of the most active websites in my town with full confidence that if I have any problems the team at My Website Spot will be there for me. I chose Adam and his team for their professional approach, and on the back end I got assurance that they have my back if anything overwhelms me with running the site on my own. I am now following My Website Spot on social media to continue getting the free tidbits they post out! I truly believe this team at My Website Spot can handle whatever needs you to have that caused you to read these testimonials.

Jimmy Langan

Adam Taylor & My Website Spot have been great to deal with. Extremely knowledgeable, creative and responsive to our needs. I really feel that they are part of our team and look forward to working with My Website Spot for many years to come. We are complemented all the time for the results of their hard work on our site.

Kip Rowe, Instant Car Offer LLC

I would like to take a moment and thank My Website Spot for all the help in getting our website, FoamriteUSA.com up and running.  We are a new company and your professional insight in creating and getting our website online was invaluable.  It was a pleasure to work with you on this project and your creativity was key in the development of FoamriteUSA.com

I especially appreciate your rapid responses to any questions that I had during the development process, it is refreshing to work with someone with such enthusiasm as you. I would recommend your services to anyone looking for any technical support for their future endeavors.

Suzanne Adams

Adam Taylor and his team at My Website Spot went above and beyond the call of duty to deliver a finished website that was both aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate. I could always count on them to answer any questions I had no matter how big or small. They even gave my a few suggestions to enhance my site and even my business. I recommend My Website Spot especially to someone who is starting their own business as their patience and understanding made it much easier for me to launch my business from the ground floor. For those well established companies that may be looking to enhance your website or corporate image, I implore you to check out My Website Spot. They are a One-Stop-Shop for all your business needs including graphic design and SEO optimization. I am a very happy customer.

Juan Costello, The Wall Street Analyst

I wanted to say thanks for the outstanding job you delivered on my recent website. Your willingness to include me in the development process made it turn out even better then anticipated. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone looking for quality website design and hosting in the future. Thanks again for your professionalism and continued success!

Malcolm “Puck” Puckering – The Magic & Hypnosis of Puck

Adam Taylor and the team at My Website Spot have been a valuable partner in helping us launch TrueFrame. The responsiveness and professionalism that we have received from Adam has been absolutely outstanding – they turned around requests quickly and accurately, and hit every deadline that was in front of them. Also, Adam’s ability to understand the non-technical aspects of the projects we assigned lead to a consistent stream of business suggestions and ideas from him that were extremely helpful. We asked a lot of Adam and his team and they did a great job on some very complex projects for us, far beyond simple website design. I would highly recommend My Website Spot to anyone looking for help with technical projects.

Ben Puckett

From start to finish My Website Spot.com has done nothing but exceed my expectations. Adam listened to me from the very start and was able to build a website that was very functional. He returned my calls quickly and answered my questions in a language that I actually understood. My website was produced on time and on budget. I would highly recommend Adam and his team.

John Nethero

“I would highly recommend mywebsitspot.com to anyone looking to create a website! Adam and his team came up with some great ideas for our website and walked us through the whole process to keep it updated. Thanks mywebsitespot.com!”

Cathy Williams

A well designed and functional website is a key component for any successful business. Before making the decision to have My Website Spot take on this crucial task I did lots of research with numerous Orlando web design companies. These companies were not able to see my vision, nor did they take the time to try or keep their focus on places needed. During my first conversation with Adam from My Website Spot I immediately felt like this is the company, this is the one to help make my business successful. Adam was able to clearly see my vision, and easily laid out a plan for me to understand. Me not having a strong knowledge in this flied, Adam took the time to make me feel comfortable during this process answering all of my questions and explaining what he was doing along the way. In the end, see for yourself the results look great and my customers think so too. I recommend My Website Spot for anyone who is looking to achieve online growth and development from a talented and goal driven company.

Joe Pannullo, A Love For Food, LLC

Adam, Chris and the entire Team at My Website Spot have been incredible.  From our first meeting we knew that we were in great hands.  We started out knowing very little about Social Media but knowing that we needed to rise above the competition on the web.  In no time at all, we have an AWESOME website, www.malcomthompson.com, the design team did a great job on our logo, We have a BEAUTIFUL and integrated Facebook and Twitter page.  Along with all the bells and whistles, at every turn the My Website Spot Team had helpful suggestions and excellent customer service. I do not know what we would have done without them and we recommend them highly.  The entire team is top-notch! Thanks again!

Elizabeth and Malcom Thompson

I’d like to start by saying I love Adam and his team at MyWebsiteSpot.com! From the very beginning of the design process, they have been nothing but timely, knowledgeable, and reliable – exactly what I needed. Not only did they listen (and provide for) exactly what I was looking for, but they also suggested definite improvements which ultimately enhanced both the look and functionality of our site. In addition to a great experience developing the site, I’ve also been introduced to new friends in the industry; that was an unexpected addition to an already great experience. I really cannot say enough about how happy I am with Adam and his team. I certainly recommend them for any and all web design and development needs.

Lauren Grant, Big Bites Photography, LLC

MyWebsiteSpot.com and their team have been really fantastic. From our very first conversation, Adam has been nothing but helpful and reliable. Even before I had made any type of commitment to work with him, he was happy to speak with me and answer any questions I had. (I had plenty.) Because of his willingness to paint an extensive, clear picture of the in’s and out’s of the web in layman’s terms for me, I knew Adam and his team were the right fit. Since that first conversation, Adam has remained consistent with timely updates and answers to my continued questions. Now I have a Bahamas fishing website that I love and a contact for all of my future web-related needs. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Bonefish Bradley MacKey

It became very obvious late last year, that in order to continue to grow my business, “Skip’s Voice”, I needed to develop a presence on Facebook. I needed a “state of the art” Facebook Page up and running as soon as possible. Based on several recommendations, I contacted MyWebsiteSpot.com. I was amazed how quickly things moved from there. They took the time to really understand my business and my ideas for the page. As the experts, they pointed out so many things I didn’t know about Facebook and how I could use the page. In less than 24 hours they were back to me with a mock-up of the page. Their mock-up and design, showed me how well and how fast they had gained an understanding of my business. More importantly, it showed me how creative and technically savvy they were. Within another day, the page was up and running.

MyWebsiteSpot.com not only met but exceeded my expectations for the Skip’s Voice Facebook Page. Adam Taylor and these guys know web marketing strategy and positioning. They are not just techies, they are business people and creatives as well. I plan to use them for other internet marketing services in the future, and I whole-heartedly recommend their services.

Skip Orem, Voice Over Artist

My Website Spot was a extraordinary assistance to my law firm. My site required redesign and greater, easier functionality. Adam Taylor and his staff worked effectively and courteously to complete the job, and then exhibited great patience in explaining the details to me. Indeed, within 24 hours of having the revamped site up, I started receiving inquiries for my services. I have already spoken with Mr. Taylor about designing two additional sites for me.

Derek B. Brett, Managing Attorney,The Brett Law Firm, P.A.

A few weeks ago I asked Adam at My Website Spot to help me design a Facebook page, and show me how to manage it. The response has been overwhelming. I had over 500 fans in two weeks, and the number just keeps growing. What a way to network your business and reach new customers – cheaply. I urge everyone to give it a try.

Jackie Dollack, Owner, Waynes World of Paintball

When I started T3 Audio in 2006, a good friend referred me to Adam Taylor at MyWebsiteSpot.com. Out of all of the vendors I have used for starting and growing my company, MyWebsiteSpot.com has been the best vendor experience I have had to date. Adam is always available to assist me with growing needs and changes needed at last moments notice. We are now a worldwide company with worldwide needs, demanding a lot from our vendors, and MyWebsiteSpot.com will always be our website provider in T3 Audios future. Thank You for the great design, maintenance and support!

Johnathan Demuth/CEO, T3 Audio Technologies LLC – Gainsville, GA

I’ve used My Website Spot as a complete web provider for over 2 years and have nothing but praise for the service, design, and web management that I have received for my company, which is completely web-based. When it comes to customer service and offering concrete solutions to web problems, My Website Spot is progressive and always helpful, which helps keep my website fresh, clean, and cutting edge. In addition to SEO solutions and overall design and implementation, My Website Spot has enabled me to manage much of my website content myself, which makes the interaction for my customers more unique and always updated.

Craig Brooks, YourCityNow.com

Tradebank of Orlando world leader in the barter exchange business would like to thank MyWebsiteSpot.com for the strategic planning, development, pride and innovative creativity that the friendly staff dedicated to this project. Most importantly the follow up and customer service when making updates is a breath of fresh air. Adam Taylor You’re Awesome!

Tait Carson, Tradebank

What a great experience and not what we expected ! Lets be honest these techy guys can be real NERDS, but Adam is not like that at all. Adam Taylor at My Website Spot not only has a flare for the design aspect of building a custom website but also has the ability to explain the process in easy to understand terms. Adam persuaded us to have a custom website and even though it is a little more expensive than the basic template style, we LOVE it and more importantly we are starting to get more business.

Realtors Sally Taylor and Emily White

Our experience with My Website Spot was not only about building and managing a website but also learning more about marketing and making our business more successful. Adam Taylor gave advise with his expertise in web design and helped us through the process of completing a website in the timeframe we needed. With his patience and dedication in web design he worked with us while teaching and making us feeling comfortable throughout the process. I would defiantly recommend them to others and I’m extremely happy with their services.

John and Emily White, MyWhiteTee LLC

MyWebsiteSpot.com was a pleasure to work with. Though out the whole project they were all extremely professional, timely, and very knowledgeable. Since they launched my site my business has increased 35%. It has a great look and functions flawlessly. I have recommended them to all my friends and clients. Thanks!

Ryan Semmer, Ad Dog Marketing

Working with MyWebSiteSpot.com was effortless – Adam and his staff understood my needs and gave me exactly what i needed in a timely fashion, with constant updates, and prompt response. The creative process was effortless and each step explained in laymen’s terms – MyWebsiteSpot.com is a design firm that cares.

Beaureguarde Von Hoffman, Creative Photographer

It is sad to say, but these days when you contract a company to do anything for you there is a nagging feeling that you may be taken advantage of. After the first conversation with Adam Taylor of My Website Spot all of my fears were put to rest. He was straight forward with me about everything and laid out all the costs with no surprises. He walked me through the entire process from beginning to end showing his amazing knowledge and integrety the whole time.

Ausbon Brown, Guitar Strap Concepts

I had a great experience working with My Website Spot. They were extremely professional and easy to work with. Their pricing was more than fair, they completed the work on time, and went the extra mile to show me every possible detail to insure that I would be happy with my website. I plan on using My Website Spot‘s services for any updates my website will need in the future.

Jordan Strasberg, First Builders LLC

When starting a business, the last thing you want to worry about is micromanaging vendors and hired contractors to fulfill their every promise. You want to be associated with companies that are reliable and people who are hard working and honest. But that isn’t always the case. Before Adam Taylor, President of My Website Spot, contacted me about doing our website- I had been swindled. It happens! Naturally I was very skeptical- after that episode but am very happy to say that things couldn’t have worked out better. Mr. Taylor met every deadline and was upfront and honest with me about the cost and what to expect. My website www.orlandoguestlist.com is great and I look forward to working with My Website Spot as my company, The Guest List, grows.

Calisha Oglesby, Editor in Chief

MyWebsiteSpot.com built and currently hosts my company website and did an outstanding job! They were proficient, professional and extremely attentive to my needs. As a new business owner, I was wary of computer services and technical support companies but they assured me the highest quality of work and dedication and delivered just that! I would highly recommend their services and can’t wait to expand and update my website with their company!

Jamie Manley, Owner

I am having the pleasure of dealing with My Website Spot since January 2006 during which time it has provided our company with excellent and timely support in the areas of website developing, maintenance, site optimization and site submission. Their efficient team work has always met our very demanding expectations and their expertise and professionalism have been major factors in our website’s success, helping it to become one of the most visited in the industry.

Accordingly, I have no hesitation in recommending My Website Spot as an expert and reliable web design and development company.

Ed Kastli, Director of Marketing

Thank you for the world-class website you designed for America’s International Academy! Your work has surpassed even our very demanding expectations. We considered other website design companies, but they seemed interested in selling us a pre-made package. Your people actually took the time (a lot of time!) to understand our business. If businesses hope to be world-class, they need to hire you.

Guy Macher, Chairman

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Joe Reilly
Joe Reilly
21:11 30 Aug 22
Great team to work with. Very professional, quick and responsive to needs. Highly technical and they do what they say... they will do.read more
Hassan Nadrous
Hassan Nadrous
20:12 25 Mar 22
I am EXTREMELY happy with your services.You are AWESOME
Anna Tanzilla
Anna Tanzilla
14:46 18 Jan 22
Amazing team of professionals with the knowledge to help your business soar.
Butterfly Dreams & Metamorphosis
Butterfly Dreams & Metamorphosis
02:06 12 Nov 20
We have been using My Website Spot for many many years and they go above and beyond to assist our company in many ways.... We definitely love the relationship we have established with Courtney. She has been very helpful and informative. We love getting to work with someone on a constant that knows our company and understands what we do and our needs. It's refreshing when you don't have to explain to a new person every time you have a question or update needed. Thank you Courtney for being so professional, helpful and a pleasure to speak and work with! :))read more
P. Lemieux
P. Lemieux
17:39 09 Nov 20
Great experience working with this crew! They were able to give a fresh look to my website, helped to address security... concerns, and have been a great resource to assist with SEO questions. Very friendly and knowledgeable.read more
Wittle Paws
Wittle Paws
12:56 05 Aug 20
They did an amazing job with our company’s website and they had no problem making any changes we wanted. The process is... easy and it’s obvious they truly care about meeting your needs. Jerald is extremely informative and has helped us in so many ways as new business owners. Can’t thank My Website Spot enough! Highly recommend! 🙂read more
Scott Cipriani
Scott Cipriani
13:52 07 Feb 19
These guys (Mark & Gerald) get it. They designed a website for our company and we got exactly what we had in mind. ... They listen to what your ideas are and build a framework around those ideas. We were also routinely updated of their progress all throughout the design process so we could make changes on the fly. If you want a company that is fully in tune with the advantages of social media, give them a call. You won't be disappointed.read more
Reko Rivera
Reko Rivera
17:55 29 Jan 19
Mark and Jerald were able to develop a quick site for my photobooth business. I originally thought all websites were... just drag-and-drop systems that I could do myself. These guys convinced me it is better to start with a good foundation rather than a quick solution. This way I won't have to pay someone to redevelop my site as my business expands. I would recommend CitrusTek to anyone who needs a website as they did a free consultation for me before I chose to use them to develop my site.read more
Camaraderie Foundation
Camaraderie Foundation
18:17 20 Nov 18
A very big thank you to Mark and Jerald for assisting the Camaraderie Foundation with our website. We are very... impressed with your level of expertise and professionalism. Mark and Jerald are both very personable and passionate about their work at CitrusTek. We, the Camaraderie Foundation, would recommend any start-up or firmly established business to consider partnering with CitrusTek. You will not be disappointed!read more
Penelope Barrett
Penelope Barrett
19:01 19 Nov 18
Jerald and Mark did a great job on my website. They really communicated with me throughout our design and publishing... process. They also keep in touch to make sure I am happy with the website. I am so happy I found them!read more
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