Mobile Responsive Design and Why it’s Important

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Optimizing a website to be mobile responsive is extremely necessary to the success of any website. Not only does mobile responsive design make your website easier to navigate on mobile devices but it actually increases your SEO (search engine optimization). Mobile internet users are close to surpassing diligent desktop internet users, illustrating how mobile responsiveness is quickly becoming a need instead of a passive desire. But what exactly is mobile responsive design?

Back in the early days of mobile responsive design ─ when it took cellphone internet browsers ten minutes to load Google ─ optimizing a website for mobile use involved manually manipulating screen sizes to fit on mobile devices. Since the standard for screen sizes varied so much in the early days of mobile web browsing, it was hard to input every screen resolution that a website may encounter. Nowadays websites are able to read the screen size of whatever it’s being viewed on and adjust accordingly, which means pages can load in mobile browsers one-hundred times faster.

A tiny bit of code can benefit your website and in turn your business, simply because of the ease of access it provides. Mobile responsive design allows for pages to load faster and more efficiently by considering screen resolution and tailoring animations, image sizes, and menu styles accordingly. Not only does this process pave the way for better SEO, it also adds an air of professionalism to your website. In a fast-paced world where most of our internet searching is now centered in the mobile world, mobile responsive websites can be the difference between being passed over for an easier to navigate website and a call inquiring you about your business.

Mobile responsive design benefits SEO in a surprising way that many do not consider. The say goes, you are your own worst critique ─ but in the world of web design, Google will always be your worst critique. Google will penalize your website for not being fully mobile responsive, which can mean that your website will not appear at the top of search results. And since Google more or less has a monopoly on the world of search engines, every website is pretty much at their mercy.

Luckily, CitrusTek is here to jump through all of Google’s hoops for you, so leave the headache to us! Our mobile responsive design is smooth, reactive, and fast.


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