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Sarah is a born and bred, behind-the-scenes creative who has lived, traveled, and worked internationally. She spent most of her childhood in the performing arts backstage and studied Theatre Management in college. This is where Sarah found a keen interest in helping projects progress from an idea into a final product that can be shared with others. She earned an AA in General Studies from Valencia College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado.

Her interest in the madness behind the machines of business led her into managerial roles in college, internships within the performing arts and business management, and various functions in the manufacturing and sales industries. In the year that Sarah joined our team, she has constantly been learning – signing up for online courses and even returning to college.
In addition to her degrees, Sarah has earned certifications in business writing and google advertising. She looks to continue earning certifications in online marketing and advertising.

“Sarah has become such an invaluable player to the team when she joined last year. Her energy and desire to be her best constantly inspires me to grow.”

Joining the My Website Spot family in 2022 as a content writer, Sarah’s work consists primarily of learning new things and researching on behalf of our clients. She writes incredibly accurate and well-documented research papers for legal firms, tattoo shops, roofing companies, and even for our own blog! She believes in the power behind words – to inform, question, answer, and guide readers toward actions.

Sarah has a knack for finding information on a topic and excels in understanding, organizing, and presenting it back to you in writing. She works with our clients to identify content subjects their customers want to know about. She implements SEO strategies throughout this content with heavy research, keyword application, and backlinking to boost domain authority and SERP ranking.

Her favorite parts of working at My Website Spot are the clients we work with and the team approach implemented for every project. Understanding the value of working with multiple industries, Sarah can highlight the best features of our client’s businesses to engage their customers. While some of the challenges she faces come with finding information about obscure products or services, she sees these as an opportunity to provide information and answers where there currently is none.

“Every problem is a gift—without problems, we would not grow.”

When working with one of our clients, Sarah helped uncover that many people online are guided by misinformation presented by their competitors. In the SEO world, this is an opportunity to more accurately educate visitors and provide the “Expertise, Authority, and Trust” needed to earn position #1 in Google. Sarah returned her findings to the client and asked them several questions for additional clarity on her research topics. This open communication with our clients has helped make her content stronger than ever!

“Sarah just has a knack for getting our clients jargon and complex insight of their industries into easy-to-digest articles for the everyday reader online.”

Of the four core values at My Website Spot – Knowledge, Integrity, Excellence, and Fun – Sarah’s favorite is Excellence. A perfectionist at heart, Sarah delivers carefully researched and crafted solutions to every problem she faces. Nobody can achieve excellence on their own. Working with a team dedicated to their craft is why she loves being part of the My Website Spot team.


Sarah’s goals at My Website Spot are to grow her utilization of data analysis toward online marketing. She looks to use her organization and determination to excel to help improve the rankings of My Website Spot and its clients on all search engines. Progress, improvement, and knowledge are the keys to success, and Sarah wants to be a cog that helps that machine move.

“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.”