Author: Adam Taylor

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What is ROI? Return on Investment (ROI) plays a major role in figuring out where a business should invest its money. It is used
The code-to-text ratio of a web page measures how much content it has in relation to the amount of code. Some search engines use
By the end of January 2017, every website accessed through Google Chrome without an SSL Certificate is going to be labeled like the image
Electronic Commerce, also known as e-commerce or simply EC, is a term used to describe any electronic transaction a business conducts online. Not every
Optimizing a website to be mobile responsive is extremely necessary to the success of any website. Not only does mobile responsive design make your
If you’re new to the behind-the-scenes world of website applications, there’s going to be a lot of technical jargon that is new to you.
It’s becoming more and more clear as the years pass that social media is a facet of modern society that will not be going
Great logo design is crucial to the success of any business because it is essentially the first line of communication a business has with
Psst! Want to be noticed by search engines? I thought so! If you’re putting up a site or a blog, you want it to
Google’s new meta tag is an ongoing effort to make its search results more relevant, the new meta tag is called “news_keywords” and used
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