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You’ve put time, effort, and resources into your company and building your brand. SEO is one of the most significant considerations in online marketing.
When it comes to searching the internet for information, shopping, or entertainment there are many search engines available to use. Popular search engine names
What is a Domain Name? The long and short of choosing a domain is that it should speak volumes about who you are as
In the past, Google searches have added various user experience criteria as factors for ranking results. These include how mobile-friendly a site is, as
Google’s May 4 update continues to solidify the idea that relevant quality content is the leading factor in search rankings. This update continues to
The code-to-text ratio of a web page measures how much content it has in relation to the amount of code. Some search engines use
If you’re new to the behind-the-scenes world of website applications, there’s going to be a lot of technical jargon that is new to you.
Psst! Want to be noticed by search engines? I thought so! If you’re putting up a site or a blog, you want it to
Google’s new meta tag is an ongoing effort to make its search results more relevant, the new meta tag is called “news_keywords” and used
DMOZ (Open Directory Project), founded in 1998, is one of the oldest and most famous directories of website content. Sites submitted to DMOZ are
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