AI Content Generators vs. Human Content Writers

AI content generator vs Human content writers
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We are in an age of automation and artificial intelligence, where businesses are turning to AI content generators as a cost-effective solution to content creation. Marketers understand that content in king to ranking high on a SERP. While AI content generators can produce high volumes of content within seconds, human content writers bring unique ideas and creativity that machines cannot replicate. This article will explore the differences, pros, and cons of AI content generators and human content writers to help you decide which option is better for your content needs.

What are AI content generators?

AI content generators are computer programs that use algorithms to produce content. They can create a high volume of expressible and readable content in seconds. This content is based on keywords, long-tail keywords, and ideas for any article you want to add to your site. They then use machine learning algorithms to put this information together in a coherent manner.

Machine learning is a growing branch of AI that uses data and algorithms to imitate how humans learn to improve its accuracy gradually. This industry received $37 billion of funding in the United States alone in 2019 to improve its application and accessibility. Generators are trained to use machine learning to analyze millions of articles posted to the internet to gain a better understanding of language and its real-world uses. You can tailor this content according to your audience, tone, and voice by using AI content generators.

Pros of AI-generated Content


One of the main advantages of using AI content generators is speed. AI content generators can generate a large number of accurate and well-written articles in a matter of minutes or seconds, saving time, effort, and money. 54% of executives say that productivity in the workplace has increased with AI implementation. This makes them ideal for businesses needing to deliver significant content quantities regularly. These can include informative sites that cover industry trends, the latest research, and new technologies.

Silver stopwatch with silver laptop in the background - Pro of AI is speed


AI content generators are relatively cheap compared to hiring human content writers. They are helpful for businesses that require high volumes of content on a tight budget. These programs are updated regularly to ensure fresh and unique content without additional expense. Most AI content generators offer limited free content based on word count. Additional text is available for monthly or yearly subscription fees.


AI content generators can scale according to the needs of your business. Whether you require a few articles per month or hundreds per day, an AI generator can meet your requirements. Whether you are service or product-based, AI generators are used for more than content. They are predominantly used for customer engagement – chatbots and predictive behavior analysis. This scalability makes it easy to adjust your content production according to your business size.


Content produced by AI generators is typically consistent and accurate. They produce high-quality content free from spelling or grammar errors and biases. This lets you deliver quality content to your customers that is easy to read and understand.

Cons to AI-generated Content

Lack of creativity:

One of the significant disadvantages of AI content generators is their lack of creativity. While they can generate high volumes of articles very quickly, the content created tends to be formulaic and generic, lacking the uniqueness and originality of human-generated content. This is important as this can make the content feel emotionless and dull, leading to decreased engagement by readers.

Limited understanding:

Although AI content generators can analyze vast amounts of data, they do not have the intuition of a human regarding language, idioms, and contextual understanding. This can lead to flat and lifeless content instead of creating an emotional connection with readers. Accurate information is great, but connecting words to the emotional ties your reader experiences about your topic is another beast entirely.

Cannot replace human touch:

AI content generators cannot replicate the human connection from authentic storytelling or personal experiences. Human-generated content is generally more engaging and has more impact on your readers. This kind of emotional connection is what differentiates content that thrills and content that gets forgotten. You want your readers to move further into your sales funnel, and the best way to do that is to connect with their emotions about your content topics.

Con of AI is that is cannot replace the Human Touch.

Trained on existing content:

AI content generators are trained on pre-existing content, which can lead to repetitiveness and unintentional plagiarism. This, in turn, can lead to duplicate content, which can hurt your website’s search engine ranking, leading to less traffic. AI software can locate plagiarized sources with 87% accuracy, but that doesn’t automatically deter these generators from using existing content.

Human Content Writers

Human content writers bring their personal flair, unique ideas, and creativity to the table when it comes to content creation. Human-written content is tailored to target specific audiences and is more memorable and intimate than machine-generated content. While there are many ways to write content, we follow 8 steps to create engaging content for any industry.

Pros to human content writing


One of the major advantages of human-written content is creativity. Human content writers have unique experiences that lend to creativity and the introduction of new and exciting ideas. This creates content that is engaging and memorable. The ingenuity of human-generated content stands out from the generic content produced by AI generators.

Personalized content:

Human content writers can tailor content according to specific audience preferences, tone, and voice. They deeply understand the subject matter and are conversational in niche topics that AI content generators might miss. This personalization lends authenticity to their content and follows Google’s E-A-T content guidelines.

Ability to understand context:

Human writers can understand context, idioms, and cultural nuances, making for more meaningful and impactful content. This kind of emotional depth is difficult to replicate with a computer program. Part of our 8-step process involves deeply analyzing our ideal audience and what speaks to them about our topic. This includes their concerns, steps they have taken, and ways our topic can best serve them now and in the future.


Human writers can create original content that has never been seen before, free from the repetitive tendencies associated with AI content generators. They understand that details matter and many angles to a discussion warrant attention. This leads to more engaging and interesting articles that can engage readers better.

Cons to human content writing


Human content writers may take time to produce high-quality content, which can hinder businesses that must produce large amounts of content in a timely fashion. Working with a large team of content writers can help speed the content development process up, but this also comes with a higher cost.


Human-written content is generally more expensive than using AI content generators. Therein lies the challenge for businesses when balancing costs and quality. Suppose you have a small team handling all of the aspects of your business. Their focus may be better spent directly interacting with your clients and customers than indirectly through your content.

High Price Low Value Scale - Human con Expense

Human error:

Human writers make mistakes. Everyone does it at some point. Some of the issues include typos, grammatical errors, and subjective opinions, which can affect the quality of the content. First, second, and even third drafts of an article will have some type of error which is where AI generators, spell check, and grammar assistants really shine.

Limited scalability:

Scaling human content writers can require significant effort and resources. Whether you want to increase your click-through rate, get more visibility on the SERP, or improve your conversion rates, you need an experienced team. Hiring a team of full-time writers can be costly while working with freelancers can be hard to manage. This leads to inconsistency in content quality over time.

Have your cake and eat it too - use both AI and human content creation

Choosing between AI content generators and human content writers ultimately comes down to your specific business needs, goals, and target audience. While AI content generators may be more cost-effective for producing large volumes of content, human content writers are still essential for producing creative, original, and personalized content. Human content writers are ideal for businesses requiring personalized, high-quality content that engages their audience.

Overall, a successful content strategy often involves using both tools to achieve optimal results. By combining machine learning with human creativity, your business will be best positioned to reach your target audience, achieve your goals, and succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

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