Top 7 Reasons to Hire an Orlando SEO Expert in 2023

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You’ve put time, effort, and resources into your company and building your brand. SEO is one of the most significant considerations in online marketing. November 29, 2022, data from shows that ranking in the top 10 positions improves your click-through rating and ability to convert site viewers into customers.

Rank 139.8%
Rank 218.7%
Rank 310.2%
Rank 47.4%
Rank 55.1%
Rank 64.5%
Rank 73.4%
Rank 82.6%
Rank 92.4%
Rank 102.2%

Hiring an SEO expert dedicated to getting you on the first page of search engines dramatically increases the likelihood of your site being seen and interacted.

1. A Big “Time” Investment

Seasoned SEO Experts spend an average of 10 to 20 hours a week optimizing and producing content. SEO is continuously evolving, and staying on top of all the search engine updates is paramount to your online presence. Google alone makes over 4,000 algorithm changes per year, averaging 11 changes per day.

  • An SEO expert can handle tasks that take precious time away from direct interaction with your business. These include:
  • Customized meta-data optimizations
  • Implementing changes to your site
  • Campaign data analysis, reporting, and data-focused adjustments
  • Monitoring for indexing problems and SEO performance issues
  • Content strategy
  • Data analysis about your site and application of multi-focused strategies
  • Trend analysis and application
  • Research (industry, products, demographics, statistics, behavior analysis, and more)
  • Evaluating current SEO strategies for results over time

2. Offload Responsibility

When you hire an SEO expert, you get more than a single person crafting your online presence. A team with diverse expertise in SEO, web development, and content creation backs up its strategies. Each member has a focus and excels in their area to handle specific situations to deliver successful results to your business. The SEO team will:

  • Monitor industry news channels and public forums for algorithm updates and the effect on SEO rankings.
  • Monitor your website for issues with search engine indexing, traffic, or ranking drops.
  • Diagnose issues that cause algorithmic penalties and drops.
  • Provide development advice and guidance to fixing problems.
  • Distinguish the KPIs and audiences that matter to you and develop SEO strategies that narrow in on them.
  • Customize these strategies for business-to-business, eCommerce, service-based marketing, software, content publishing, and more.
  • Focus on “search intent.”
  • Target high-value, conversion-ready audiences at every sales funnel stage.

3. Return on investment

Maintaining these tasks and responsibilities with an in-house team typically requires a strong team that pulls your finances away from direct interaction with your customer base. 32% – 41% of marketers claim that SEO is one of the essential ROI-driving marketing strategies. Hiring an SEO expert can offset these additional costs and staffing needs. They demonstrate proven strategies by pointing to their clients’ SEO case studies.

4. Website Auditing & Rank Tracking

SEMRush, Majestic SEO, and Ahrefs, just to name a few… are SEO tools that many marketers use when monitoring and optimizing their SEO strategies. The cost to acquire most of these tools is exuberant for individual businesses. If the cost doesn’t scare you, wait until you learn how to use the in-depth features packed within each tool. These tools provide information like black-hat attacks, bad backlinks, security vulnerabilities, structured data analysis, keyword position tracking, and more. A trained SEO expert will organize this information into easy-to-read reports for your business.

5. Understanding Google Data

Data is your best friend when deciding your SEO strategies. The best source for data about your online presence is Google’s tools. You probably already use Google Analytics to monitor your site traffic (if you don’t, you should). However, SEO experts recommend using Google Search Console, Merchant Center, Google Ads, and Google Business Profile to see the whole picture. While these tools are free – understanding what KPIs matter allows an SEO Expert to use this data to identify growth opportunities.

An SEO Expert can use the data to:

  • Help you connect with your ideal customers.
  • Pinpoint conversion-ready traffic based on search intent.
  • Locate underperforming pages and improve high-performing ones.
  • Determine what parts of your site have the highest exit rates.
  • Identify what products or services your visitors are interested.
  • Help you understand how visitors interact with your website.
  • Discover what pages generate the most traffic to your site.
  • Find new opportunities for content
  • And so much more!

"Data really powers everything that we do."

6. SEO-Friendly Web Design

If your website has been around for a few years, you should have established some rank in search engines from past SEO strategies. Many people overlook aspects that make their site rank when they consider a new website design. An SEO Expert will be able to track and monitor URLs so that content does not go missing during the redesign process. They will also be able to ensure that your website meets Google’s latest Core Web Vitals standards for speed and accessibility.

Any SEO expert should be able to answer these vital questions:

  • How much of my traffic is on mobile VS desktop?
  • Does my website load fast?
  • Is my website accessible to site visitors?
  • Are there any pages on my website that are ranking well?
  • Does my new website provide a consistent experience for previous site visitors?
  • Can Google still see my website?

7. Content Strategy

We have all heard that “content is king,” but nobody talks about the effort required to grow your blog. Writing great content is one thing, but a good SEO Expert can help keep it focused and organized. They can also identify search trends and opportunities to write new and engaging content to compete with other online businesses.

Your SEO Expert should be able to:

  • Refine and optimize your existing content
  • Discover areas to expand on your expertise through your blog
  • Ensure that content is updated regularly to signal to Google how active your business is
  • Organize and silo your content to help readers find what they are looking for
  • Build internal links between existing and new content

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